During my time as CEO of Foxconn Global Services Division (FGSD) in the Czech Republic I became acquainted with Cristina when we both worked at a specific account development project. The cooperation worked so well that we asked Cristina to work more intensively for my organization in order to develop the Communications and Marketing strategy for FGSD. I must say that working with her changed not only my professional, but also my private life. It changed my view on things that one can observe daily in the media and it definitely added value to my business by leveraging the company resources in order to enable sustainability and growth. I am no longer working as CEO of Foxconn GSD, but I will certainly rely on Cristina again in the future to support me personally in all aspects of company communication, to train people in my organisation and to support with developing sales and HR team capabilities. As a modern CEO I recognize that communications and marketing require a professional approach. For that you must rely on real professionals. Professionals like Cristina. As a CEO I found it delightful to work with Cristina because you can rely on her with all aspects of your communications and marketing both for the company and for you as a leader.

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