For nine months I had a privilege of being mentored by Cristina through the Polaris Network in The Netherlands. It was a journey of transformation and I do not use this phrase lightly. I met Cristina at the time when I felt stuck with my career path and she masterfully helped me to shift my perspective around this topic. She guided me through the journey taking in to the account all parts of life: being a professional, a mum, a wife and an expat on the top of all that. Cristina's knowledge, professionalism and capacity to care helped me to feel empowered and make my decisions from the perspective of curiosity and purpose, rather than fear and social expectation.

Dovile Corrigan - Engaged Relationship Builder at Azkua

I have been cooperating with Cristina for a long time – we met when I worked as HR Manager for IKEA Purchasing in the Czech Republic. Cristina organized a number of inspiring communication seminars and workshops. In my current position as Global Competence Leader for IKEA Purchasing, I asked Cristina for individual mentoring for colleagues from my management team, focused on personal branding, developing communication skills and communicating with critical audiences. Feedback from colleagues and my own experience are very positive. These sessions are not just about communication skills, but about other interesting feedbacks and insights connected with personal development. Cristina is an inspiring woman, her feedback is very valuable to me. Cristina, thanks for the inspiration!

Barbora Taušová - Inter IKEA Group

I highly recommend Cristina to anyone who wants to start their journey into the teachings of the Enneagram. She guided my very first steps with knowledge, patience, and sheer curiosity. In my personal life, the Enneagram has allowed me to better deal with -- and heal from -- past trauma, while in business it equipped me with a deep understanding of others that allowed me to not only survive, but thrive in a very demanding client-facing role. I salute her initiative of starting a Virtual Enneagram Academy this summer and I hope more and more people will tap into this vast and resourceful system for better and more meaningful relationships.

Daniela C. Nataletu - Independent Consultant

If you are looking for a mentor/coach to guide you through the journey of finding your true vision and navigate smartly in this complex world, Cristina is definitely the right choice. Cristina is a natural coach and facilitator. She is patient, intuitive and wise beyond her years. And she has a masterful knack for knowing when to invoke these various skills to bring out a clarity of purpose and desire that is often hard to pinpoint on your own. She has a way of repackaging your own, sometimes confusing, thoughts in a way that adds meaningful direction. I’m very grateful to have worked with her during a challenging period professionally throughout 2019 and the result is remarkable. Thank you Cristina for joining me into my “big leap”!

ling H. - Senior Program Manager at NN Investment Partners

Cristina is the Swiss knife of personal and professional growth. My company has been continuously collaborating with Cristina since it’s creation, one year and a half ago. We first started with personality profiles for myself and my associate. We did it by curiosity, little did we know that the in depth analyst we received from Cristina will shape and strengthen our relationship. We became more aware of ourselves, we understood how each other perceive the reality, how we deal with success or stress. In time, that allowed us to align our responsibilities with our strengths, hence multiplying our impact. That first experience with Cristina also gave us an idea of the pertinence of the the Enneagram personality model. So we’ve asked Cristina to prepare a training for us about Enneagram in Business. We wanted to use it to gain a better understanding of our customers, partners as well as our employees. Cristina’s course was quite intense but we gained the practical understanding we were looking for. That helped us to be able to identify more quickly signals we generally missed. Even though we’ve barely scratched the surface of what the Enneagram can do, we gained a fresh perspective on how to handle the situations we’ve been confronted with since. Recently a new associate joined the company. Cristina provided, on top of its Enneagram Profile, a team dynamics overview. That actually accelerated the integration of the new associate and made us aware of what’s missing in our executive team. We now know what look for in the next member to join the executive team. At a personal level, I also started a 1 to 1 coaching with Cristina (currently ongoing). I needed to take a step back and understand how I can help my company grow without being systematically on the verge of a burnout. Previous years of introspection and previous coaches could not do what Cristina did in only a few sessions: give me X-ray vision for what’s really behind my successes and failures until now. I’ve gained an unprecedented understanding and awareness of my core beliefs, how they have shaped my actions throughout more than two decades of my life and why I keep pushing myself to exhaustion. This understanding is slowly and profoundly reshaping the way I work and the way I conceive my next decade in my life. I guess that by now you understood the important impact of Cristina’s skills on both my company and myself. If you’re considering Cristina for similar work, I can only recommend you do so.

Dorian Lupu - Founder | Kundigo

Cristina is a long-time essential member of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic. She is one of those people any volunteer organization needs: enthusiastic, energetic and full of the type of leadership community's need to be successful. She served as chair of the marketing committee, and as one of the principal agents who helped drive the transformation of our business community into a more competitive international force. She is always ready to support, and always ready to work hard to make good things happen.

Weston Stacey - Generální ředitel, Americká obchodní komora v České republice (AmCham)

I first met Cristina in 2012 and when Foxconn Global Services finally agreed to implement a strategic communications program to improve the visibility of the business externally and internally I had no hesitation in contacting Cristina to support this initiative. Cristina joined the Foxconn GSD team from January 2016 and immediately provided the guidance and vision in how the strategy was to be further developed and the implementation timeline. Cristina delivered on all aspects of her remit and more, from one to one mentoring sessions to team coaching and ultimately delivering the necessary processes and materials to make the company visible were delivered on-time each time. Some of the key strengths that Cristina brought to me personally was her ability to listen and provide alternative thinking plus her patience and drive to see the job through in what was sometimes challenging circumstances. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and/or hire Cristina in the future.

Patrick Blunsdon - Business Representative | Ingrasys | Cloud Network Technology

Dear Cristina, our today´s LinkedIn training was perfect. Finally, I know how to communicate via this network. The feedback from my colleagues was great as well. I can recommend such training to anyone interested in LinkedIn (who can afford not to be interested in LinkedIn ... :-)?). Cristina is the perfect coach therefore. Kind regards, Erwin

Erwin Hanslik - CEE Head of Real Estate & Energy at Taylor Wessing

Cristina, thank you very much for organizing and moderating FGSD’s first “After Sales Services after 2020” business and golf event in Casa Serena. I particularly appreciated the flawless organization of the event, your moderation of our expert panel discussion, and the support and coaching you provided to prepare our team. It was a very enjoyable and successful event where we as FGSD were able to get closer and listen to our suppliers and customers whilst communicating our strategic intent

Loïc Maillot - Business Administration Manager at Foxconn

During an important development time in my life Cristina had a great impact on my communication style and my emotional intelligence. She helped me during my transition period to reach to the next, higher level in my professional and personal life. Cristina is extremely patient and flexible in serving my needs. She opened my “analytical mind” and broaden my perspective on the importance of seeking to understand myself and the others. Cristina can point to all aspects that need improvement or concentration very sensitively; at the same time she fully respected my personal needs. Emotional intelligence and psychology is a very abstract science for me. However, Cristina managed to change my perspective on the importance of improving my skills in these areas.

Miroslava Stodolicová - CFO | Wrigley Czech Republic and Slovakia

I worked with Cristina in the time when she was a journalist. She was always very hardworking, professional and ethical reporter. Mostly I appreciated her enthusiasm and drive to do things correctly, professionally and always do the best she was able to. Cristina not only strived to find news and exciting stories but also cared for her sources. Following the ethical standards was always a priority for her. I enjoyed working with Cristina very much as she is also a very kind and friendly person.

Petra Breyerová - Client Partner Europe at FARKASOVA INTERNATIONAL

Cristina moderated a recent Diversity & Inclusion Event ran by Microsoft and the whole process was extremely positive. Cristina was meticulous in her preparation & planning, from leading briefing meetings with the panelists to making suggestions about what equipment may work best. The event itself was expertly moderated by Cristina, she has an ability to keep everybody at ease, whilst managing the energy of both the panelists & attendees to keep everybody interested in the conversations. I'm pleased to report that all of the attendees gave extremely positive feedback on Cristina, and would have no hesitation in recommending & using for future events. Matt Hynes - Recruitment Manager, Microsoft, Czech Republic

Matthew Hynes - Managing Partner | Indago Cyber Security Recruitment

During March 7-8 2014 I participated in a PR klub training on social media. I found the whole event very beneficial and helpful, but I would like to especially highlight presentation led by Cristina. She really can attract and take advantage of minimum time to give you maximum knowledge, profit and insight concerning the subject – in this instance „Maximum utilization of the LinkedIn network“. Including both professional and human presentation skills. You cannot fail in hiring Cristina. You can only gain!

Renata (Laznickova) Vrzakova - Business Development Executive | Musiclover

Praise to Cristina for an excellent one-day communications training held for our lawyers from six countries - not only an excellent presentation but also great ability to involve everyone. And good follow-up, by the way, too.

Arthur Braun - Business lawyer Czech Republic, Slovakia, Partner, bpv Braun Partners

I made Cristina´s training on „Where is the story“. I am definitely not afraid to give it the „fucking efficient“ note. If you want to be sure you are investing the media training money right, go for her. And I can prove it, too: within a year, we more than doubled (!) the number of media coverage and its quality in all criteria – number of quotations in high affinity media, relevance of messages passed over, increasing the brand prestige by being quoted in a „good company“ of peers and competitors, getting certain specific issues associated exclusively with our brand. We get the spontaneous feedback on being seen, read and listened to, from our clients, business partners, friends and staff, so we know. All of it thanks to the Cristina´s „tell the right story to the right people in a right way“ training. As for the training, it´s short, it´s painfull (with her famous „move your brain, mouth, hands and ass“ approach), it´s exciting, it´s entertaining. And her drive for selling the brand by picking up the right stories and shaping them into media blockbusters is infectious.

Helena Liska - Marketing & Communication Specialist | VIG RE zajišťovna, a.s.

It takes a rare gift, outstanding knowledge of the media world, and the skill of a coach to teach a person to craft a message both interesting to journalists and memorable to the reader. Cristina Muntean does an outstanding job of teaching you to be media-savvy while still being yourself.

Ivana Goossen - General Director EMBA for Europe | Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh in Prague

Cristina doesn’t stop surprising me with the width of her perspective not even after three years of working together. She isn’t forcing me into any stereotype and is able to support me with communications while fully respecting my personality.

Pavla Helclová - Senior Consultant | Hay Group

S Cristinou mě to vždy velmi baví. Nejenom proto, že náš vztah již dávno přesáhl hranici klient - dodavatel. Nejvíce na spolupráci s ní oceňuji profesionální přístup, připravenost a energii, kterou do svých aktivit vkládá. Jako bonus navrch dokáže pro klientky - ženy dodat i něco, co v našich končinách často chybí. Podporu druhým ženám. Jsem proto velice ráda, že jsem před několika lety nezůstala pouze ohromená její skvělou přednáškou, ale kontaktovala ji a tím započala naši do dnešních dní trvající spolupráci.

Šárka Rolčíková - IT Resource Pool Leader | Česká spořitelna

Cristina is a consummate professional, gifted in both written and spoken communication, natural and effective with clients and a joy to work with. We worked in collaboration with her to provide Media Coaching for Board Members from one of the most innovative banks in CEE and her specific coaching helped all those who attended to quickly 'get' what they needed to do to be effective. The net impact was perfectly described by one of the participants, the Deputy CEO '...just a couple of days ago, I was interviewed by the press and, the interviewer asked one of those tricky questions---but I REMEMBERED what we did and I was able to use that question to deliver the message I wanted to deliver- I was really pleased with my performance.'

Amy Barnes - Co-Director | Scherer Leadership International

Each discussion with Cristina brings some new input to my communication. She is able to take 2-3 sentences from everything I am saying and transform them into a powerful message that fully expresses my ideas – and she does that regardless of the fact that she works in a foreign language. My speech is becoming more poignant, striking and inspiring thanks to our work together and I know my words will have a higher impact than my initial formulation. Moreover, Cristina can point very competently and sensitively to the aspects that I should further focus in my communication in order to become more visible. It has been several times that she advised me well in how to overcome my fears and reserves mainly in the field of digital and social media communication.

Lenka Mrázová - Founder and Mentor | LMentio

We met Cristina just as we were setting up our own business in Prague and we asked her to help us with our marketing strategy. During the following two years - before we moved back to Canada - she got us an excellent amount and quality of exposure in the local media, culminating with a very complimentary feature in Forbes Czech Republic. But we ended up getting way more than just a solid marketing and social media strategy. In order to shape our message and our social presence, Cristina helped (and at times pushed) us to understand what is unique about our business and how we can bring value to our customers. We wholeheartedly recommend Cristina for her outstanding professionalism and expertise, but also for her passion and her ability to bring the most out of her clients.

Răzvan Pîrvu - Entrepreneur. Founder | ArtImaging

Cristina is a total professional in her field of spoken and written communications while being at the same time a great personality. She taught me how to develop a personal style of communications for various formal and informal settings that is based on my individuality. That’s why my speeches gained in authenticity, diplomacy and dynamics. She helped me to create powerful key messages and build a communication story around them. I could always look forward to our sessions because I knew they would be a great benefit; even when we were working hard, it was always a pleasure spiced by fun and a healthy dose of humor. I can only recommend Cristina’s services.

Helena Lazosová - Chief Marketing and Product Development Officer CZ/SK | NN Pojíštovna

During my time as CEO of Foxconn Global Services Division (FGSD) in the Czech Republic I became acquainted with Cristina when we both worked at a specific account development project. The cooperation worked so well that we asked Cristina to work more intensively for my organization in order to develop the Communications and Marketing strategy for FGSD. I must say that working with her changed not only my professional, but also my private life. It changed my view on things that one can observe daily in the media and it definitely added value to my business by leveraging the company resources in order to enable sustainability and growth. I am no longer working as CEO of Foxconn GSD, but I will certainly rely on Cristina again in the future to support me personally in all aspects of company communication, to train people in my organisation and to support with developing sales and HR team capabilities. As a modern CEO I recognize that communications and marketing require a professional approach. For that you must rely on real professionals. Professionals like Cristina. As a CEO I found it delightful to work with Cristina because you can rely on her with all aspects of your communications and marketing both for the company and for you as a leader.

Jan van der Hoeven - General Manager (2013 - 2017) of Foxconn Global Services Division

At a time when I was struggling with my relationships both in the workplace and within my family, Cristina Muntean helped me. Not because she made the problems disappear. She helped me look at my role as well as the roles of others that were involved in the problems through a different perspective. She helped me understand who I am, what drives me and what blocks me, which was exactly what I needed in order to make the changes that I needed to make to solve the problems. Besides being a great coach, I would also recommend Cristina because she is simply a lovable person with a lot of positive energy.

Andrej Glezl - Entrepreneur. Founder and CEO | Datamolino

Working with Cristina Muntean at Media Education CEE is a great experience. During the prospective phase you discover and pencil into your agenda what is to be expected and then you simply start writing the chapters of your story. It is a smooth process because you have Cristina on your side to constantly bringing to your attention the opportunities as well as the challenges within your communication strategy. As a new starting enterprise on a foreign market Art Imaging have shortly became the reference within our industry as a direct result of a professional and efficient communication. Our "story" was eventually published by Forbes Czech Republic. Media Education CEE was the right choice in promoting Art Imaging and helped projecting a business profile based on our values. We would confidently recommend Cristina Muntean and Media Education CEE.

Flavia Pârvu - Entrepreneur. Founder | ArtImaging

I consider Cristina Muntean as one of the best in the field of public relations and brand management in the Czech Republic. We met for the first time in the summer of 2011 when I asked her for strategic and, given the time pressure, crisis solutions for the marketing and PR of a global conference that I was organizing at that time. I was stunned by Cristina’s passion and wave of fresh ideas that she started putting into practice immediately. Her rich experience and network of contacts transformed our further cooperation into a genuine success. Thanks to Cristina, to her mentoring and training I started to develop myself in the field of personal brand management and I learnt how to handle communication with reporters. I also can’t forget her openness and availability whenever we needed her. She is always smiley and full of energy that she passes on to her clients. Working with Cristina isn’t about a relationship supplier-customer: working with her means friendship, trust and mutual understanding. We are working together for a few years already and I do believe we will continue cooperating in the future as well.

Jarosláv Škrabálek - Entrepreneur. Founder | TakePlace

I became aware of this type of PR service for the first time only when I met Cristina and I must say it got my attention. One of the reasons is that during the Clinic you have a chance to sit down and discuss topics and issues with your colleagues that might not even cross your mind during your daily work routine. One of the most valuable aspects for me was the mapping of our PR activities and their evaluation from the company’s long-term development perspective. It’s true that the majority of managers judge a company’s effectiveness based on figures and facts and that PR activities that often lack such fact-driven measurability are taken as a necessary evil. Yet, it looks totally different when you start observing things from a long-term perspective and you start thinking where you want to go and with whom you’d like to be compared a few years from now. It is only then when you start generating ideas on how to match your PR policy with your real business plans and to transform what used to be a compulsory corporate vision into a simple and easy-to-understand image of a successful company. The Lean PR Clinic gave me energy and helped me find my way. I am very thankful for this outcome.

Oleg Spružina - General Manager | TÜV SÜD Czech

I met Cristina for the first time when she was still a journalist. She was always well prepared and approached her work with humility and great respect for facts. When I needed someone to help me find fresh media themes and improve our managers’ communication skills I didn’t need to look very far. I knew I would turn to a true professional with whom things start moving apparently effortlessly. Cristina can run highly effective brainstorming sessions, grasp the essential and show you the direction for your communication. Work with Cristina brings results AND something more that we sometimes tend to forget about at work: interest, enthusiasm and joy. If you’re looking for someone who can offer you all that and help you have fun in the process you’re at the right place.

Marie Petrovová - Communication Leader (2011-2013) | GE Money Bank

I would like to recommend Cristina Muntean, a media trainer and advisor of Media Education CEE for further cooperation with your organization. We have been cooperating with Cristina since 2009. Cristina did an excellent job in media relations and was an asset to our organization during her journalistic career and also within her current position. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, can work independently, and is able to effectively multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely and very professional manner. Cristina had an excellent rapport with all our senior managers. She would be an asset to any company and I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue.

Petr Plocek - Marketing & PR Manager (2011-2012) | HSBC

Cristina is a professional Public Relations business consultant who brings measurable results to our company growth. The relationship of our team with Cristina is more than just a supplier - customer relationship: it's about trust, support, empathy and more important, an incredible injection of a positive energy from Cristina to our leadership ambitions. At the same time it's about some very tough feedback to our macho's ego. One can steal horses with Cristina! Looking forward to our co-operation in the future. Thanks Cristina!

Libor Witassek - Founder. Managing Partner | DC VISION

Because she has been on 'both sides of the microphone’, Cristina is a unique coach for executives needing to face the media with confidence, grace and authentic power. When we were approached by one of Central Europe’s fastest-growing banks to help their senior leaders be more confident and ‘real’ in front of the media and inventors, we contacted Cristina immediately to be on our consulting team. In her workshop using video/feedback, she taught the executives the best way to address potentially embarrassing issues, what to do if they were asked about something they knew nothing about, and how to take on ‘ambush questions’. We highly recommend her to you for your communication and leadership development needs.

Dr John J. Scherer - Co-Director | Scherer Leadership International | Author of Wiser at Work: Five Questions that Change the Way You Lead

Cristina has an extremely warm and natural approach that made me feel very relaxed throughout the whole exercise. She radiates confidence and broad experience. The media training consisted of several segments with practical exercises. I found the methodology superbly adjusted to the tight time frame and I have easily absorbed the essentials from the universe of media exposure. The practical exercises (interviews) were extremely useful. Overall the training helped me to verify my strengths easily and to practically identify areas for improvement. The team led by Christina was superbly prepared so all segments were seamlessly executed. My general impression was exceptionally positive. First of all her training helped me to put my previous media experiences into perspective, as well as to identify improvement areas. And most important - it has improved my level of self confidence for future media "exposure" of any kind. I am now regularly using all "tips and tricks" learned with Cristina.

Iris Dzeba - irector / System x and PureSystems Sales | IBM Central and Eastern Europe

Cristina demonstrated a wide experience leading communications during our common projects. She worked closely with the Avon PR team members to create external PR/media relations plans and tactics as they related to initiative support and company events. She supported the generation of creative ideas and concepts that contributed to the success of our common projects. Cristina also managed and maximized the company’s social media presence by facilitating interviews and providing regularly published content on select media outlets. Above all, it was a pleasure working with her.

Beatrice Radu - General Manager (2011-2012) of Avon Cosmetics Česká republika & Slovensko
Zabývám se strategickou komunikací, emoční a systemickou inteligencí lidí i firem. Pracuji s dnešními i budoucími lídry na rozvoji jejich komunikačních dovedností, budování osobních značek a kompetencí ve vedení týmu i firem. Lidi, týmy i společnosti podporuji formou poradenství, školení, koučinku i mentoringu.

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