The Cloud Agora and A Leader’s Duty of Care for People Nowadays


Since the beginning of this year I ran numerous conversations with team and organization leaders, either as part of ongoing market research or as part […]

My 10 Commandments for A Better 2021


Two weeks into the new year, I am sure that most of us had the chance to look back at 2020 and sum up its […]

Hybrid Leadership. Welcome to the New Normal


Since the beginning of March and the Corona quarantine, our lives have been turned upside down. For some, their stream of income has completely dried […]

Equal Pay: What We Can Do to Eliminate Unfairness and Restore Hope at Work


Isn’t it a paradox? The biggest gender pay gap in the Czech Republic is recorded in the financial sector – 41% in 2017 according to […]

Are You Living in a Bubble? Perception Management for Expat Leaders in Central and Eastern Europe


When I am working on executive personal branding assignments with foreign leaders in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Romania, one of the greatest challenges […]

Humanity 2.0: The Entrepreneurial Career and Our Journey Into the Future


The end of April this year marks a milestone in my life. This is the day when, ten years ago, Czech Business Weekly (CBW), the […]

30 Books that Made My Year in 2019


I am finally back from my year-end month off - a great time to sit down, recap the good and not so good things that […]

Personal Branding Summit 2019 – On Pioneering, Co-Creation and Leadership


Let me tell you a story of madness, of a dream and of a bunch of people who made it possible. Let me embark you […]

Career Capital – Loss or Transformation?


Have you ever wondered what you would do if, from a day to another you couldn’t practice what you do today? How would you pay […]

Holding the Mirror and Holding the Back


Since 2010, when I started my communications business in the Czech Republic, I became aware of how vital it is that our names are connected […]

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I focus on strategic communications, emotional and systemic intelligence and personal and organization leadership. I help leaders and future leaders to develop their strategic communication skills, to build reputable personal brands and to boost their team and organizational leadership. I support individuals, teams and organizations through advisory, training, coaching and mentoring services.

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